The objective of the CED is to provide an unrivalled test, research and development site including infrastructure, facilities, instrumentation and airspace to facilitate innovation.

Our infrastructures


Alma Airport offers a unique test environment combining proximity to services, ease of accessibility and a safe environment for flight and taxi tests, as well as deployment tests of your anti-RPAS systems or air traffic management systems.
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Flying areas

The CED provides search teams with large, flexible and safe flying areas which, when active, are dedicated exclusively to RPAS testing and prohibited to air traffic. These areas, unique in Canada in terms of their dimensions, are supported by standard procedures developed with Transport Canada, which allows the authorization for their use to be obtained within five (5) working days.
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Qualia test site

The Qualia test site reproduces typical RPAS operating environments and offers research teams a unique opportunity to develop their systems in an environment that is both very realistic and safe. This allows teams to test the safety, functionality and efficiency of their system at a single site, in a single run.
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Our partners

The CED is a partner-based community of interest offering the expertise required by teams who come to develop their systems.


Each member is an industry player providing its own expertise to the research teams.
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With its power to engage partners and to connect teams to the expertise they lack or to funds dedicated to RPAS-related activities, the Niche is a major asset for R&D in the RPAS industry.
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CIDAL actively participates in various initiatives promoting the development of entrepreneurship in line with its action strategies. In collaboration with various local partners, CIDAL supports renewal, the deployment of value chains, processing, added value and innovation as well as commercialization. In the aeronautics sector specifically, CIDAL is involved in the developmentand support of aeronautical and technological industrial clusters and participatesin R&D projects in the aeronautics and technology sectors.
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Due to the central position of the CED within Canadian industry and to its privileged relationships with local companies, the CED is always up-to-date with the latest technologies in the RPAS industry's ecosystem, but also with the needs of users. In the research community, these contacts are a major asset for any research company to be able to rely on the ecosystem.
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